Solar Panel Cleaning

We use only the best solar panel cleaning equipment and have the experience to clean solar panels professionally. We clean solar panels safely and, usually, without the need to walk around on your roof  – all cleaning is done from the floor and we can effectively clean panels at heights of up to 40 feet.

We don’t use any detergents or abrasives to clean solar panels, rather we use Pure Water, which has been used extensively, is tried and tested to give great results, leaving your solar panels as clean as they can be.


Solar Panel Cleaning – the how

Most Solar panel manufacturers recommend that you DO NOT use chemicals to clean your panels.

Tap water and rain water will not clean solar panels sufficiently to keep them running efficiently. Using detergents to clean solar panels leaves a sticky microscopic film on the solar panel which will attract more dirt and grime.

Our solar panel cleaning methods include the use of Pure Water to leave a grease free, grime free, smear free surface.

When to Clean Solar Panels

General recommendations, based on evidence from similar, more mature, solar panel markets of Europe are that solar panels should be cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning service every 6 months in rural and coastal areas and every 6-8 months in urban areas.

Following these recommendations will result in your solar panels working at their optimum performance levels. 


Professional solar panel cleaning throughout Leicestershire and Warwickshire.