Soffit and Upvc Cleaning

These days Upvc is a very common sight on both residential and commercial properties, having been used in the construction trade, and for home improvements since the 1980’s. However, over time the sunlight can discolour upvc and the ravages of the wind, rain and snow also takes it’s toll. That’s when a professional upvc cleaning company such as Sapcote Window Cleaning can play a part in restoring your upvc to its original colour.  

Maintenance Free?

Upvc is often sold as ‘maintenance free… this isn’t strictly true. If the UPVC window frames are not washed regularly the surface of the UPVC starts to degrade and, over the long term, the upvc becomes grey and dirty, resulting in the upvc window being replaced, on average, in 18 years rather than the 40 that the frames are designed to last.

Professional Upvc Cleaning

Here at Sapcote Window Cleaning we can restore all UPVC back to its original state leaving them looking clean and as-new. We use only non-abrasive cleaners and Pure Water technology to help maintain your upvc  We recommend cleaning at least once a year in order to protect the general appearance of your home, or commercial, building

Soffit cleaning and Upvc cleaning throughout Leicestershire and Warwickshire