Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a household chore that no-one enjoys doing, it’s often cold or wet when you want to clean windows and even when you have cleaned them the often look smeared, or not 100% clean.

At Sapcote Window Cleaning we can take that chore away from you and always do our very best to leave you with clean, smear free windows every time we clean them. We have many years experience and use the very best equipment. and our Pure Water system is guaranteed not to leave smears.


Window Cleaning Safely

No need for ladders and the potential danger of falling, we use glass fibre poles to reach those higher windows, up to 3 stories high.

Because we don’t use ladders then our window cleaning method means there can never be unsightly marks or scrapes on your walls.

Cleaning Internal Windows

Our Dragonfly system is the perfect solution for cleaning those high, hard to reach internal windows, maybe on the stairs or the landing. Again, there are no ladders to mark your wall or ruin internal decoration.







cleaning windows high up                                                            internal window cleaning


Internal and external window cleaning throughout Leicestershire and Warwickshire